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Building an investment portfolio is based on a study of the 15 largest analysis companies in the world directly to your account 

Robo Advisor

The product that conquered the United States with a market value of over $ 5 trillion! Comes to Israel for the first time through Fjord Investments. We use the best minds in the local financial market and advanced technology that automatically scans the investment recommendations of the world's largest research bodies to create an optimal portfolio. The use of advanced technologies helps us to optimize your investment strategies, and adjust them to the level of risk that suits you in the short and long term. And changes need to be made to your investment portfolio.  And all at significantly cheaper costs than any similar product!

What is included in the plan?


Build an investment portfolio for clients with an account value of $ 3000 or more


Assemble a diverse mix that suits the nature of the investor and the level of risk that suits him


View portfolio performance at any time from your computer or mobile


Investing in ETFs  

And not in mutual funds to create maximum diversification and low costs


Examining the investment portfolio and balancing it continuously while adjusting to the state of the markets


Preparation of entry orders and protection orders for each position


Comprehensive market overview including an expert arena and online market analysis in the system


At a cost of only 0.5% annually!

The minimum amount in the entry account for the program is 10,000 NIS


Our goals


Investing through ETFs

We at Fjord concentrate on investments  Through ETFs, and we do not recommend mutual funds .   


Given that this is an investment instrument that also produces the right spread for any portfolio size,  And also significant savings in costs and trading fees. We will be happy to provide you with a recommended and correct investment mix for you,  After answering a number of important and critical questions to examine the level of risk that is right for you.

The service is intended for traders, investors, with and without previous experience and knowledge in the capital market.  The portfolios will be composed and characterized according to your personal risk profile and needs. 

An innovative method

Our method  The innovation is based on the statistical ability of experts  Generate profits and recommend​​ For correct recommendations according to market conditions,

In the most objective way and without the influence of false or vested publications.  We at Fjord rank the analysts according to their successes over the years,  And all this is done in a matter of seconds  Using our Robo Advisor system.


The foregoing should not be construed as an undertaking by the Company to achieve any return.


1. Cost savings in expensive management costs in banks and investment houses

2. Simplify and make accessible the world of investments in general and the world market in particular to any investor who wishes to do so

Using advanced technologies to produce a diverse and right investment mix for you

4. A unique tax benefit that exists for our customers

Significant savings in fees


Fixed payment of 0.5% per annum. When the average management fee in the industry stands at 1%. Our clients also enjoy significantly lower buying and selling commissions through the global brokerage giant Interactive Brokers.

Security and supervision


Interactive Brokers trading accounts are supervised by FINRA and the SEC and have up to half a million dollars in insurance from SIPC. 

Investment portfolio starting at $ 3000


Building a recommended and diverse investment portfolio for portfolios with only $ 3000 or more. The portfolio will be tailored to the most appropriate investment policy and risk level for you.

With the help of smart commands such as Trailing Stop, which aim to minimize and limit the maximum loss to a position if it moves against you. Our system will also perform checks on your investment account and send you updates as needed.

Protection and loss prevention


The performance of the portfolio can be viewed at any time through the Robo Advisor system. Withdrawals / deposits can be made at the push of a button and without unnecessary delays.

Your complete control


At a cost of only 0.5% annually!

The minimum amount in the program entry account is $ 3000

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