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Who is the service for?

The service is intended for traders and investors who are interested in receiving investment recommendations on US stocks to enter into long and short trades.

The service is not intended for investors with no previous experience and no background in the field.

The recommendations will be given via SMS and EMAIL messages and it will be possible to broadcast them directly to the trading account in Interactive Brokers.


Long / Short Stock Investment Recommendations

What is included in the plan?


Free access to the arena

The experts  

Of the Stock Exchange Graph


Preparation of entry orders and protection orders for each position


Graph system

And technical analysis



Investment recommendations for portfolios starting at $ 3000​

Free trial for 30 days

Sign up for a free trial version! 


An innovative method

Our method  The innovation is based on the statistical ability of experts  Generate profits and recommend​​ For correct recommendations according to market conditions,  In the most objective way and without the influence of false or vested publications.  We at Fjord rank the analysts according to their successes over the years,  Then we examine each company in depth while examining parameters from its reports  Financials, financial ratios, growth prospects and more.

And all this is done in a few seconds by advanced technological means.  

After we characterize you and define the level of risk that is right for you.   

Our algorithm will scan recommendations from 11 different analysis companies from the largest in the world ,  And will send you recommendations that will be tailored to your personal investment profile. The recommendations will include entry prices, destinations and protection orders to prevent losses.

You can receive all the recommendations by email and SMS, edit them and send them for broadcast in your trading account. 


Our goals

Our goal is to help you  Private investors by giving you access to technology and information  That the investment managers have in the largest financial entities in the world.

Join  Today is a success and you will start following great analysts in the world, in order to gain a significant advantage over the market.

1. Cost savings in expensive management costs in banks and investment houses

2. Simplify and make accessible the world of investments in general and the world market in particular to any investor who wishes to do so

Use of advanced technologies to create customized investment recommendations

4. Easy and convenient to use system that connects to the trading accounts in Interactive Brokers.

The foregoing should not be construed as an undertaking by the Company to achieve any return.


** You can cancel the service at any time by sending a cancellation notice by email  Cancellation will take effect after business day.

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