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What is included in the package

Once we define our risk profile, and understand your needs. We will assemble for you a smart robot whose job is to perform the scanning and analysis work. Also the system built for you will allow you to easily reach the interesting stocks and broadcast trades at the click of a button directly to your trading account.

  • The most losing and most profitable stocks

  • The large gaps created (up and down)

  • Leading in Volume (Down and Up)

  • Trends - highs and lows

  • Most activity at short intervals

  • Upcoming reports

  • Dividend shares  

  • Cutting information on the paper  

  • Synchronized analysis graph for information windows

9 Scan windows and information

Strategy window with personal characterization


  • Checking the suitability of trading cycles

  • Effective technical position in the price range

  • Use of various indicators

  • Selection of trading hours for transactions

  • Examining the price movement in the main indices

  • Maintenance time frame

  • Use of complex protection commands

The stocks being scanned are among the major U.S. indices.

We are looking for alerts combined with a number of technical and pendental parameters, we collect the alerts and filter by:

* The above should not be seen as the Company's obligation to achieve any return. 

A complete and ready-to-operate robot

One-time ownership of

$ 299 only

How It Works?


Get a strategy file ready


Selecting desirable parameters for you to characterize the strategy


Answer a short questionnaire to determine the appropriate risk profile


Advice for building automated trading strategies 


The ability to produce a robot that will perform the analysis and scanning work for us, is the dream of every trader and investor. A dream that until today was far out of reach of many traders and investors due to development costs, programming hours  And costly management for trading strategies. Not to mention finding the right formula for the success of the strategy. These are large sums of money that start from a few tens of thousands of dollars and reach up to millions of dollars. The result was not always satisfactory and often automated strategies resulted in a large capital loss when protection orders were not included, and various restrictions on leverage and maximum transaction volume.

Interactive Israel in cooperation with Fjord Investments invites you traders to enjoy a unique service, in which an automatic scanning and analysis robot will be built for you, depending on your personal risk profile and requirements.  You can connect it directly to your trading system!

A complete and ready-to-operate robot

One-time ownership of

Only $ 299

Who is the service for?

The service is intended for traders and investors who subscribe to the Optima system, who are interested in us building through the stock scanner,

We will assemble and apply advanced trading methods based on fundamental and technical parameters and in accordance with the investor's personal risk profile.

You will receive the full scanner at a one-time cost of $ 299  only!

** The service is not intended for investors with no previous experience and no background in the field. 

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