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Our goals are

  • Savings on expensive management costs in banks and investment houses

  • Simplify and make accessible the world of investments in general, and the global market in particular also for "small investors" with accounts worth $ 3000 or more.

  • Use of complex and advanced technologies in order to produce a correct and diverse allocation of assets for the investor

  • Adjusting the assets to the risk profile of the investor  

  • Use of advanced protection orders to fix profits and prevent loss



We work in collaboration with Interactive Israel and recommend managing the funds in an investment account through a registered American broker - Brokers Interactive. The company has a reputation of over 20 years and is now considered one of the largest brokerage firms in the world. The company is registered in  NFA and CFTC in addition to the SEC, and the FINRA,

Supervised by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and by independent oversight bodies around the world.

The funds and positions in the account are insured by the SIPC up to a value of $ 500,000 for each account.

The company is also a public company and is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol IBKR , worth about $ 30 B.

Also, since we only recommend US assets (stocks and ETFs) 

Working directly with an American stock exchange member significantly reduces investment costs

Compared to banks and investment houses that serve as intermediaries for the same stock exchange member.

Working with a supervised broker


Advice for building an investment portfolio 

The service is intended for traders and investors, with and without prior experience in the capital market. Who are interested in receiving investment advice from us for building their investment portfolio at Interactive Brokers.
The portfolios will be composed in accordance with the personal risk profile and the needs of the investor.
We at Fjord Investments are proud to give interactive brokers clients the opportunity to receive the service directly to their investment account -
  At a cost of only 0.5% annually!


Our algorithm will scan for you the investment recommendations of the largest research bodies in the world, including (Morningstar, Zacks, Argus, Ford Research, TheStreet and more ..)
And with the help of a formula composed and tested by the best minds in the financial market, we will create a recommended investment portfolio for you,
Which will be tailor-made exactly to your measurements! We will review your investment portfolio, make sure you do not exceed
  From the desired risk levels and we will update you on any recommended change according to market conditions.

Gold Track - Investment Recommendations


The service is intended for traders and investors who are interested in receiving recommendations
Investing in US stocks to enter long and short trades. The service is not intended for investors with no previous experience and no background in the field.
  The recommendations will be given via SMS and delivery to your Email address with a link to your system. There you will be given  Possibility to broadcast directly to the trading account in Interactive Brokers.


The investment recommendations come straight from the largest research bodies in the world, among them (Morningstar, Zacks, Argus, Ford Research, TheStreet and more ..) and are rated and fully adjusted to your risk profile. Our innovative method is based on the statistical ability of experts to generate profits and make the right recommendations in accordance with market conditions and in the most objective way. In addition, we at Fjord rank the same analysts from the various research bodies according to their successes over the years. We then examine each company in depth. While examining important parameters from its financial statements: financial ratios, growth expectations, valuation and more. 
The recommendations are sent with comprehensive information about the company so that you can examine the viability of investing in it for you.

What is included in the program?

  • Sending appropriate symbols and quantities depending on the relevant investment amount

  • Preparation of target prices for entry and protection orders for each position

  • Possibility of full synchronization of the investment portfolio in Interactive Brokers

  • Comprehensive market review and explanation of investment recommendations

Please note,

This service does not include a recommendation for an entire investment portfolio but a spot investment series. If you are interested in building a full portfolio, see Premium Track


Consideration of pension assets

Many people, including investors and traders, avoid  From investing thought and energy  In choosing a pension plan, examining management fees and examining the investment path.  After all, we all want to live a long and good life, without being left with financial worries precisely in the years when we will not be able to work and support ourselves. In addition, most of us avoid opening and reading the same quarterly and annual reports that are sent to us by mail, since they are not very understandable anyway. This thinking has led us in the fjord to a desire to help you, the public who are saving to build a better future. We at Fjord Investments believe in artistic thinking, and a broad view  As much as possible on the condition of your assets. This is so that we can give you the most suitable service for you.  In light of this, we have seen fit to create collaborations with a number of pension license holders who will perform an examination and summary of all your pension assets for you, through the national clearing house. Free of charge, and without any effort on your part.  Including: provident funds, study funds, executive insurance, pension funds, etc. And will update you as necessary on the necessary changes. We at Fjord will use this information to tailor your investment mix to the maximum. 

In order to participate in the program, you must register for one of our tracks.


Advice for building automated trading strategies

The ability to produce a robot that will perform the research and analysis work for us, is the dream of every professional trader. A dream which to this day has been far out of the reach of many traders and investors. Due to the expensive development costs, the time required for development, and most importantly -  Finding the right and appropriate formula for the success of the strategy . Often the automated strategies have caused huge losses to investors who have not formulated the logic correctly.  

The software customers who want us to build the stock scanner for them, we will assemble and implement advanced trading methods based on fundamental and technical parameters and according to their personal risk profile, and the nature of their trading. The service is intended for traders and professional investors only.  


What is included in the program?

  • Prepare a custom stock scanner tailored for you

  • Assembling protection orders and restrictions

  • Analysis of many pendental and technical components built on the basis of sophisticated models and tested in historical data

  • Regular updates to the strategy whenever you want

  • Adding parameters that interest you personally

* Bonus for joining a free lesson on a method for determining the price of hacking into paper and determining the market trend.


Who we are?

Fjord Investments  Was founded with the aim of bringing the  The digital revolution into the world of investments in Israel.  Our innovative method is based on the statistical ability of technological means to create a competitive advantage and recommend correct recommendations in accordance with market conditions, in the most objective way. While neutralizing the effects of false publications, interests and emotions. The use of advanced technologies is designed to produce a diverse and diversified investment mix that is optimally tailored to the client's risk profile, at extremely cheap costs and in accordance with both small and large portfolios.

We offer a number of routes, from consulting routes for building an entire investment portfolio, to consulting routes for assembling automated trading strategies.  Which are suitable for all types of investors and traders wherever they are.  You can choose the route that is best for you under the Services category .

We at Fjord use advanced technologies to optimize your investment strategies,  And adjust them to the level of risk that suits you in the short and long term. We can build  For you, a diverse bag tailored exactly to your measurements without taking you out of your comfort zone. And our software enables automatic examination to maintain the level of diversity that suits you and will update you if you want to make changes in the investment portfolio. At a simple and low cost, we will provide you with the most advanced service in the investment world. process

The registration is done entirely digitally and does not require any effort on your part.

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