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פינטק- בינה מלאכותית בעולם ההשקעות


The worlds of big data have revolutionized the financial services industry, what is Big Data? And how much information is really at hand today? In what forms does the information come and how can it be analyzed? Get to know the technology that is the key to your success and growth in the FinTech industry.

20:00 - 22:00

 Tuesday 27.7.21

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main subjects

Machine Learning

How will we use computer skills to learn and understand processes? What are the tools available to us today? And how all of this will help us improve our portfolio performance


Uses of information and the creation of technologies based on artificial intelligence. These uses are particularly important in the financial industry which is often based on responsiveness and a broad understanding of many processes


How big is the amount of information and in what forms does the information come? By what methods can the information be analyzed? The BIG DATA revolution is in full swing these days and is the one that will shape our lives now and in the future.

Webinar Lecturers

Kinneret Parzon

Founding CEO of Fjord Technologies - a digital investment house specializing in the development of smart financial systems in the worlds of big data in the financial industry in Israel and around the world


Eliran Cohen

 A professional trader in the capital market since 2005, he is engaged in the development of automated trading strategies and is a professional programmer.  The owner of the start-up - ScanFin  And owner of the AutoSysFx software house that provides software development services to private merchants, portfolio managers, nostro companies and trading companies


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